Being a Ethereum Blockchain developer

The information for blockchain is a bit mess for who want to be a Ethereum developer. If you want to be a Ethereum developer, there is some terms and knowledge you have to know.

There are four perceptions of users in Ethereum in 2018

  1. Miner
  2. Investor
  3. Developer
  4. Consumer

Miner in blockchain creates block,confirm transaction and then add transaction into block. Miner also will get the reward (Ether) by doing this. Investors invest the Ethereum project by ICO so as to build Ethereum blockchain and Ethereum foundation and other project teams also will keep improving Ethereum blockchain.

Developer is play a important role in Ethereum blockchain. They keep improving the ethereum blockchain and built Dapps on Ethereum

1.Why we need the ethereum

1.2 Immutability

1.3 Internet world

1.4 Tokenization

2.Study about Ethereum

2.2 read White and Yellow paper of Ethereum

3. How Ethereum works

3.2 Ethereum network

3.3 Create Ethereum account

3.4 Ethreum Wallet and public&private key

3.4 EVM

3.5 Transaction and Transaction Execution

3.6 Gas

3.7 Smart contract

4. Types of consensus

4.2 Proof of Authority (PoA)

4.3 Proof of Stake (PoS)

5.Decentralized autonomous organization(DAO) & Decentralized applications (Dapps)

5.2 What is Decentralized Applications

5.3 What is difference between DAO and Dapps on ethereum network

6. Develop tools for dApp Development

6.2 Client app

6.3 Smart contract

6.4 Web3js

6.5 Parity

6.6 Truffle framework and Truffle Box

6.7 EthPM

6.8 Remix

6.9 Zeppelin

6.10 Ganache

6.11 Infura

6.12 TestRpc (depreciated)

6.13 Zepplin Contracts

6.14 IPFS

7. Solidity programming

7.2 Data Types and Value Types

7.3 Global Special Variables, Units, and Functions

7.6 Inheritance, Libraries and Events

7.7 Development environment setup and Deploy smart contract on Ethereum blockchain.

7.8 ERC20, ERC712 tokens

7.9 Auditing security and testing like best practices in Zeppelin

Please let me know what the beginner must know if I miss. Thank you in Advance.


Written by

撰寫任何事情,O型水瓶混魔羯,咖啡愛好者,Full stack/blockchain developer,Founder of Blockchain&Dapps meetup and DeFi-Decentralized-Finance-SG meetup,Udemy teacher。

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