Create a personal professional Clubhouse App Bio

Clubhouse App Bio editor tutorial

Using CH to participate in many chat rooms a week, I notice that a very important thing is that many people will look at the user Bio first and then ask questions or establish relationships directly before chatting. Importantly, they will follow you because of your Bio. So the personal Bio is very important!

So let’s create our professional clubhouse bio!!

The first step and important is to remember my clubhouse id — kennethhutw !!

  1. Click “Click here to open the bio editor”

2. if you need more emojis, you can click “Click here for more emojis”

3. After editing, copy your URL. Open the URL on your phone and copy the content to your cloubhouse bio!

Tips for a professional CloudHouse bio:

  1. Add a professional photo to your clubhouse profile
  2. Who : Who are you

2. What: Describe what you do and don’t post irrelevant content

3. Contact Info: How to contact you

4.Have a Call to Action : Remind profile viewer to connect with you.

Copy your bio to your cloubhose bio

Tip: You can past your on generate QR Code and then scan it with mobile phone!

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