Heroku Custom Domain with Godaddy


Step 1. Get the value of CNAME from Heroku

  1. login Heroku
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Pull down to the Domains area
  4. Click Add Domain
  5. Enter my domain name (already purchased) — www.xxxxx.com and press Next
  6. Wait for ACM Status to become OK
  7. Click Edit to copy the value of DNS target

Step 2: Set up on Godaddy DNS

  1. To DNS settings
  2. Find my website xxxxx.com and click edit
  3. or If it is a subdomain, add CNAME to the Record record, enter the subdomain name in the host
  4. Paste the value of DNS target obtained from heroku
  5. Choose how long TTL will take effect
  6. Press Save, it will be available after a while

Test, try playing www.xxxxx.com

If you want to use the Heroku SSL function, you must first upgrade to the lowest paid account (At the time of writing in July 2020, Heroku price is $7 per dyno per month)

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