How Much Do You Know About Blockchain — December 2018 review

  1. What is block? What is Chain?
  2. Why is blockchain immutable?
  3. What is mining and why is it necessary?
  4. How does public/private key encryption work?
  5. What is the consensus algorithm?
  6. What is the public blockchain ,consortium blockchain and private blockchain?
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Intermediate question

  1. What’s difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum
  2. What’s the smart contract
  3. What’s the difference between Account and UTXO (Unspent Transaction output)
  4. What’s POS(Proof of state) , POW (proof of work) and POA( Proof of Authority?
  5. Why is there a public blockchain to mine?
  6. What’s mining pool? Why it need mining pool?
  7. What’s ERC?
  8. What’s difference between ERC20 and ERC721?
  9. What’s difference between Decentralized exchange and Centralized exchange?
  10. What’s double spending? How does Bitcoin handle it ?
  11. What’s sybil attack?
  12. What’s 51% attack?
  13. What’s soft fork? what’s hard fork ?

Advance question

  1. Why bitcoin generate a block every ten minutes?
  2. Why it take around a hour for a bitcoin transaction to be confirmed?
  3. What’s Orphan block?
  4. What’s sharding, extension block and sidechain?
  5. What problem does the existing blockchain application face?
  6. What is Byzantine Generals Problem?
  7. What’s IPFS?
  8. What DAG?
  9. What’s Merkle Tree?
  10. What is CAP Theorem? What does CAP stand for ?

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撰寫任何事情,O型水瓶混魔羯,咖啡愛好者,Full stack/blockchain developer,Founder of Blockchain&Dapps meetup and DeFi-Decentralized-Finance-SG meetup,Udemy teacher。

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