How to remove CRC-SHA entry from Context Menu in Windows 10

胡家維 Hu Kenneth
2 min readJun 2, 2020

If you installed the latest version of the 7-Zip program on a Windows 10 machine, you may have noticed that the entry CRC-SHA is automatically added to the context menu along with the 7-Zip option. If you point to the side arrow, the CRC-64, SHA-256, SHA-1, CRC-32 and * entries are displayed.

CRC is an abbreviated form of Cyclic Redundancy Check and is used in digital networks to check/identify any changes made to data. Its siblings, SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm, which can be used to determine the integrity of data downloaded from the Internet and ensure that it is not destroyed.

Users who do not understand the functions of these algorithms may find unnecessary entries in the context menu and want to delete them completely. Here is how to delete the CRC-SHA entry from the context menu in Windows 10.

Remove CRC-SHA entry from Context Menu

Open the 7-Zip file manager, type 7-Zip in the start search box and click “Enter”.

Once found, open the program, select the Tools menu, and then click the Options button.

Next, switch to the 7-Zip tab adjacent to the system. Under the “Context Menu Items” section, uncheck the checkbox labeled “CRC SHA” and click the “Apply” button.

That’s it!! The CRC SHA entry in the context menu will be deleted.

If you see an error dialog box with the message “The event could not call any subscribers”, just click the OK button to delete the context menu entry.

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